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Based in Philadelphia, Evantine Design is an award-winning event production company that provides full-scale professional wedding planning and event design services for any size celebration.

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Mel Barlow

Philadelphia Wedding from Cliff Mautner Photography

We are lucky to include Cliff Mautner Photography as a talented photographer in our fabulous Little Black Book. His work is just so beautiful. It always evokes such a scale of lovely emotions. Any bride would be lucky to have him behind the camera on her big day. This bride included. Cliff captured the family, the celebration, and the love like no one else could have. See...


Philadelphia Ballroom Wedding from CinemaCake Filmmakers + Marie Labbancz

If I were a fairy tale princess, I would be more than a little jealous of this Philadelphia wedding. Captured by Marie Labbancz Photography, it is beyond stunning, beyond gorgeous, and beyond magical. I was already a little green (with envy) when I started the highlight from CinemaCake Filmmakers, and by the time I finished it was over. This wedding is envy-inducing, pure romance. And...


Contemporary Philadelphia Wedding from I DO Wedding Consulting

This contemporary Philadelphia wedding, seen through the lens of Sofia Negron, had me at that dress. That perfect, simple dress with the over the top, fabulous back. It is THE gown for this chic affair - classic with amazing, gorgeous little details. Coordinated by lovely Lynda of I DO Wedding Consulting, the whole fête went down at the...


Classic Philadelphia Wedding by Evantine Design + Proud to Plan

From the ultra classic details to the fluffy pink roses, we are completely overcome with this elegant Philadelphia wedding and have you ever seen a better looking bridesmaid line-up? We think not. This is classic elegance tied up with a pretty black bow courtesy of Evantine Design and Proud to Plan. And there is so much more where this came from.


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